Vibration can occur in various forms, from the low-frequency vibrations of heavy machinery to high-frequency vibrations from HVAC equipment or lifts.

Excessive building and mechanical vibration can lead to a range of negative consequences: In buildings, vibrations can cause everything from discomfort for occupants,  to structural failure of building components. In mechanical systems, vibrations can reduce equipment lifespan and increase maintenance costs. They can also generate noise, causing disturbance  and creating health and safety issue

Vibration Control

Building and mechanical vibration control is the process of
mitigating the negative effects of vibration that can be generated by
mechanical equipment, environmental factors, or human activities. These
vibrations can cause structural damage to buildings, reduce the lifespan of
mechanical equipment, and create discomfort for occupants.

Acoustic Materials work with the best European manufacturers of Vibration control Products to offer a comprehensive range of solutions.

Building vibration Protection Products

Vibration control is a critical parameter in construction projects. If not resolved at design, or the early stages of construction, then it can be costly and  difficult to resolve retrospectively.

Building projects that often require anti-vibration systems are:

  • residential and commercial spaces
  • cinemas
  • restaurants
  • industrial units and more

In order to increase vibration protection and sound insulation capacity,  vibration isolation of structural element is imperative . This structural separation of a building is achieved by the use of special anti-vibration products . Our partner, Vibro,  has been designing and producing specialized anti-vibration systems in order to meet the highest acoustic and vibration control requirements,

The vibration protection product family Vibro, includes anti-vibration systems for:

  • floating floors
  • floating ceilings
  • floating walls

Additionally, under the brand Isolfon, we can offer complemetary noise barriers and insulations to ensure peaceful environments

Mechanical Vibration Isolators

Ina range of environments, there is regularly a need to support vibrating machinery such as heavy machinery, HVAC, chillers and pumps. Controlling the vibrations produced involves the use of mechanical vibration isolators.

These come in various shapes and sizes and are typically made from materials such as rubber, neoprene, or steel springs. They are  installed between the equipment and the supporting structure, creating a flexible barrier that absorbs  vibrations and prevents them from being transmitted to the surrounding structure.

All these machines include rotating parts which cause vibration, resulting in noise

The Vibro vibration control product range includes vibration isolators all types of equipment. In addition Vibro have the engineering experience to support you to choose the right product.


Music Studio Vibration Control

Music studio vibration control is the process of mitigating
the effects of external vibrations on the recording, mixing, and mastering
process in a music studio. External vibrations can include traffic noise,
nearby construction, or even the movement of people in adjacent rooms.

These external vibrations can cause unwanted noise and
distortion in the recording and mixing process, which can be detrimental to the
final product.

To address this,  structural separation of the studio components is achieved by the use of advanced vibration control products from Vibro.

These include products that isolate vibrations on  floors, ceilings and walls. Depending on the excitation frequency expected to prevail in a studio, the following types of anti-vibration can be selected:

  • Spring mounts/jack up systems and ceiling hangers
  • Rubber mounts and ceiling hangers
  • Spring & rubber vibration control products for other elements of the studio.

In addition, we have designed special vibration control products for mounting and hanging audio systems and electro acoustical equipment such as line arrays, subwoofers, wall mounted speakers etc.