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Acoustic Materials is your go-to supplier for the best noise control materials. Whether acoustic absorbers, diffusers or bass traps for a studio or listening suite; soundproofing for a house or apartment; or vibration controls for machinery,  Acoustic Materials offer the best solutions from the best brands. We collaborate with architects, engineers, interior designers and end customers to offer simple solutions to even the most complicated problems. Our products combine a sleek design look and top performance for the best room soundproofing experience.

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We make life sound, and look, better by supplying soundproofing and acoustic materials from reputable acoustic insulation brands in Ireland and Europe. Acoustic Materials is the proud distributor of Artnovion, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-end soundproofing solutions for listening rooms, home cinema rooms, and studios. We also stock Alphacoustic, which offers the most complete range of high-performing noise control and soundproofing and sound insulation materials on the market.

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