Soundproofing has become a significant topic for the building industry here in Ireland, with many new houses, offices and public facilities featuring very poor sound insulation and acoustic parameters.

Some of the benefits for your home

  • Prevent eavesdropping on confidential conversations.
  • Reduce nuisance noise for you and your neighbours
  • Suppress irritating noises from flushing toilets, central heating etc.
  • Improve sleep and the comfort of your family and residents.

We have invented several patented systems for every acoustic problem, providing acoustic solutions for a wide range of spaces from cinema halls, theatres and factories, to rehearsal rooms, recording studios and of course your residential home.

Our own Acoustic Materials Soundproofing Board, is one of the most powerful soundproofing boards on a market.

It is made out of recycled tetra-pak.

Soundproofing: Homes and Business Brochure
Noisy Neighbours Brochure

Soundproofing Walls

Our partition wall systems float on anti-vibration mounts to prevent flanking noise transmission from floors, walls or ceilings, and will eliminate any impact noises – Jumping, footsteps, falling objects etc. – or airborne sounds such as speech or TV, from transferring through to adjacent spaces.

According to the Irish building regulations, there are no requirements to reach any sound insulation performance for the internal walls. If you are building or renovating house, you might consider including some.

In the link below you can find details the partition wall (internal walls) system.

AM Partition Wall System details
Our Acoustic Insulation Products for Walls

Soundproofing Floors

Flooring systems are installed in a case where impact noise – footsteps, falling objects etc. – can be heard in the room below.

Minimum requirements for the impact sound insulation for new build dwellings are Ln’w = 53 dB. There are no acoustic requirements for floors in domestic homes.

This AM floor system was tested and proven to work, as the whole floor is raised on top of the anti-vibration mounts, which absorb the impact noise. Overall height of the system is less than 9 cm.

AM Floor System details

More systems are available on request, as you may be dealing with concrete floors or don’t have enough space to raise the floor.

Our Acoustic Insulation Products for Floors

Soundproofing Ceilings

Our Acoustic Materials ceiling system is suspended on a anti vibration hangers.

One advantage of having a soundproofed ceiling is that the noise won’t transmit into a room above. Another is that it reduces impact noises – footsteps, falling objects etc. – from a room above if you cannot access that floor.

Overall thickness of the system is between 10.2cm – 14.7cm as the hangers are adjustable.

See the suspended ceiling system in the link below…

AM Suspended Ceiling details

More systems are available on request, as you may not have have enough space to drop the ceiling.

Our Acoustic Insulation Products for Ceilings

Soundproofing Doors & Windows

Soundproofed windows will act as a sound barrier between you and the outside environment, preventing unwanted noise passing through them into your home.

In addition, soundproof doors will reduce the amount of echo experienced.

We supply & fit number of soundproofing windows and doors to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients at very competitive prices.