Soundproofing Walls

Effective Soundproofing Solutions for Walls

Soundproofing and sound insulation have become significant topics for the building industry in Ireland. Many new houses, offices, and public facilities are designed to feature very poor sound insulation. When room soundproofing is not taken into account during the design process, it can lead to poor acoustic performance.

At Acoustic Materials, we have experience providing acoustic and sound insulation solutions for a wide range of spaces, from cinemas, sports halls, theatres, and factories to rehearsal rooms, recording studios and residential homes. We have developed several patented systems for every soundproofing and acoustic problem to face the industry’s unique challenges

Experience the Benefits of Sound Insulation

Soundproofing your home or office can improve your well-being, give you more privacy and comfort, or upgrade the market value of your properties. Our walls, ceiling and floor soundproofing solutions allow our customers to:

  • Prevent eavesdropping on confidential conversations.
  •  Reduce nuisance noise for you and your neighbours.
  • Suppress irritating noises from flushing toilets, central heating etc.
  • Improve sleep and the comfort of your family and residents

Wall Soundproofing Systems

Fortify Your Space Against Unwanted Noise

Our partition wall soundproofing systems float on anti-vibration mounts to prevent flanking noise transmission from floors, walls or ceilings. They will eliminate any impact noises – jumping, footsteps, falling objects etc. – or airborne sounds, such as speech or TV, from transferring through to adjacent spaces.

According to the Irish building regulations, there are no requirements to implement any sound insulation materials for the internal walls. If you are building or renovating a house, you might consider including some soundproofing for a better living experience.

Soundproofing Doors & Windows

Seal Out Distractions, Invite Serenity with Soundproof Materials

Adding soundproof materials to your doors and windows will act as a sound barrier between you and the outside environment, preventing unwanted noise from passing through them into your home. Additionally, soundproof doors will reduce the amount of echo experienced within your house. We supply & fit a wide range of soundproofing materials for windows and doors to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients at very competitive prices.

Soundproofing Floors and Ceilings

Elevate Your Acoustic Comfort from Above

Our Acoustic Materials patented floor and ceiling soundproofing systems offer increased comfort between stories. 

The main advantage of  soundproofing a floor or ceiling is that it limits impact noises–e.g. footsteps, chairs moving– from the room or apartment above, while also greatly reducing airborne noise transmission in both directions. 

It is usually cheaper and easier to soundproof a floor, but where that is not possible, for example between dwellings, soundproofing your ceiling offers the same benefits. 


You can read more about our suspended ceiling system in the link below

If the details in the drawings don’t match your building type: get in touch; more soundproofing systems are available on request.

Party Wall Soundproofing

Preserve Your Privacy with Our Top-performing AM Ecoboard (high-performance sound block) & Ecovinyl Mass Loaded Vinyl.

Our standard solution for wall soundproofing uses sustainable, high-performance materials. The first stage of successful soundproofing depends on the existing wall makeup. The majority of jobs we undertake have plasterboard fixed to the masonry wall with dot and dab. Removing any existing plasterboard and the bonding that holds them to the block is crucial. This is because sound can resonate between the block and plaster if it is not removed.

AM Omega Reducto clip full party wall system