Room Acoustics

Enhance Your Space with Room Acoustics Supplied and Fitted by Acoustic Materials

Room acoustics refers to the way sound behaves in a room, including how sound is reflected, absorbed, and diffused. When sound is produced in a room, it interacts with the various surfaces and objects within the space, including walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and the people living or working there. 

These surfaces absorb some of the sound energy while other sound energy is reflected back into the room, creating an echo. A room’s acoustic properties can significantly impact how sounds are perceived within the space, including speech intelligibility, musical clarity, and overall sound quality.

Solutions to Effectively Improve Your Acoustic Insulation

Various techniques can be employed to improve the acoustics of a room. For example, we can add sound-absorbing materials to the walls or ceilings, use acoustic diffusers to scatter sound energy, and optimise the placement of speakers and microphones. Room Acoustics aims to create a space that sounds as natural and balanced as possible, with good speech intelligibility, clear musical detail, and an overall pleasant listening experience.

AM Acoustic Materials can supply and/or install all types of acoustic absorbers, acoustic diffusers and furniture from some of the best brands in Europe. Our acoustic insulation providers include Artnovion, global leaders in studio, cinema and listening room acoustics, and Alphacoustic, leaders in all aspects of architectural acoustics and noise control.

The Latest Acoustic Insulation Technology for your Home & Business

To improve the acoustic insulation of your studio, room or building, we will select the most suitable materials: acoustic wall panels, furniture, fabric panels or foam for vents. We will make sure to prepare a plan that takes into consideration the use of the room to provide the best acoustic experience for you or your customers.

Contact us, and our experts will get back to you with a tailored plan.

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The Basics of Room Acoustics

  • Type of building Seconds
  • Recording Studio 0.2
  • School classrooms & Boardrooms 0.5
  • Restaurant intimate 0.6
  • Courts, Conference rooms 0.8
  • Open plan office 0.9
  • Houses & Apartments 1.0
  • Restaurant Lively 1.1
  • Multi Use Hall / Community Centre 1.2
  • Auditoriums/circulation space 1.0

Tailored Acoustic Solutions for Therapy Centres

We experience a long reverberation time as an echo, and most of us have probably felt the discomfort caused by this at some time. It could be in an open-plan kitchen or an auditorium where speech becomes unintelligible due to echo. For people with sensory issues, the experience of a long reverberation time can be unbearable. So it is crucial to treat the spaces they use to bring the reverberation down to a tolerable level. 

The solution is to perform an RT60 test on the space and then design and install a range of acoustic absorbers, which control the reverberation time by preventing sound from reflecting off hard surfaces. These pictures show the treatment applied to a therapy centre for children with sensory issues, with baffles and panels supplied by our partners at Alphacoustic. Also, I think you’ll agree the colours cheer the place up.

Ceiling Soundproofing for the Stanford Park School Canteen

One of our very first projects, way back in 2016, was the canteen at Stanford Park School. As you can hear in the video, the canteen had poor acoustics and was uncomfortable due to reverberation and echo. We installed simple acoustic fabric panels to the ceiling; you can hear the difference yourself. In addition, the school reported the acoustic fleece also made the place warmer!

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