Pliteq GenieMat® RST 2mm

146.33 Ex. VAT

Pliteq GenieMat® RST 2mm

146.33 Ex. VAT

GenieMat RST is an acoustic underlayment for floors. It is made from 94% recycled rubber content and can be used directly under tile, vinyl plank/ tiles and wood flooring. In fact it can be used under any hard surface floor finish in concrete and wood frame construction. It is suitable as an alternative to Regupol underlay.

It is used when superior sound control is required in multi-family housing, high-rises, or commercial buildings and protects ceramic tile, porcelain, and stone from substrate cracks. It can be use in place of Regupol For all types of floors.

GenieMat RST acoustic underlayment engineered for direct adhered floor coverings such as tile, stone, wood, and vinyl floor coverings.

GenieMat is an ecological, sustainable and circular economy underlayment. It is suitable for claiming LEED and BREEAM points. GenieMat is Floor Score Certified. GenieMat is scertifed by Green Guard for low emissions.


Dimensions: 1.22 m x 22.9 m x 2mm

Weight 54.4kg

Weight 54.4 kg
Dimensions 1.22 × 22.9 × 0.002 cm
Pliteq GenieMat RST 2mm

"Pliteq acoustic underlay" "sustainable underlay" "recycled underlay" "soundproofing underlay" "Regupol underlay" "Regupol alternative" "LEED certified" "BREEAM certified" "Floorscore certified" "Green Guard certified"

Technical Properties

  • Dimensions 22.9m x 1.22m x 2mm
  • Weight 54.4kg
  • Thermal transmittance: (U-value): 66.5 W/(m2K)
  • Natural Frequency shall not be greater than 92 Hz @ 19.2 kN/m2 (400 psf) loading
  • Meets and improves on Approved Document E impact performance
    requirements by 9 dB when used under LVT or hardwood flooring.

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