Originally, Regupol® was a combination of rubber granules or fibers and polyurethane binders. Meanwhile, many other elastic materials are processed in hundreds of Regupol® types that have been developed over the years for BSW’s own products or on behalf of customers. Surface refinements and laminated solutions result in even more product variations for many different purposes and applications.

Regupol® is a permanently elastic material and can be supplied in rolls, sheets or molded parts. Regupol® is suitable for all applications which require attenuation of impact sound and vibration, durability and resistance to mechanical loads.

Regupol® can be used for a wide variety of sports surfaces, floor covering, impact protection, sheets and tiles for building protection and for impact sound protection, materials for vibration technology and anti-slip mats for securing loads. Regupol® can be used for a large variety of applications, it is long-lasting, resilient and can be recycled.

Regupol® is the material from which BSW GmbH manufactures a wide variety of materials for vibration insulation for the building and construction industry.

Regupol® consists of a number of different grained recycled cellular polyurethane-bound rubber granulates glued together with polyurethane glue.

Regupol® products advantages include that they are highly adaptable, longevity, they can bear high-level loads and are 100% recycled.

Object-specific, individual production, as well as customer-specific finishing, packaging and storage, ensure rapid application-specific solutions.

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