Regufoam® is a mixed cell polyurethane elastomer produced in six different hardness grades or densities with combined spring and dampening properties. The different material densities are color coded. The numbers in the type designations of Regufoam® 150, 220, 300, 400, 510, 680 correspond to the material density in kg/m³.

Regufoam® is mainly used as pressure loaded spring element in building engineer, civil engineering, and track construction.

Regufoam® has an extremely low natural frequency in the corresponding load ranges, resulting in high soundproofing values. In addition, Regufoam® shows very low spring deflection and high resilience. Its cellular structure guarantees extensively full surface transmissions of forces under static and dynamic weight loads.

The value for maximum permanent load for Regufoam® with static tension is at the transition point between linear spring deflection of the material to degressive spring deflection with increasing load. The range of linear spring deflection is ideal for permanent static loads.

The key advantages of Regufoam® are exceptional long-term elasticity even under loads of many tonnes, together with extremely high values for vibration technology, as well as precisely defined load ranges. Regufoam® can be put to highly specific use in complex construction situations, where its versatility and load rating far exceed the insulating properties of other materials.

The maximum value for a static permanent load for the individual Regufoam® type varies between 0.010 and 0.4 N/mm².

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