Typical Party wall soundproofing

using our AM Ecoboard (high performance soundblock) and Eco MLV

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Therapy Centre

Acoustic Solution

We experience a long reverberation time as an echo, and most of us have probably felt the discomfort caused by this at some time. It could be in an open-plan kitchen or an auditorium where speech becomes unintelligible due to echo.

For people with sensory issues the experience of a long reverberation time can be unbearable, and so it is crucial to treat the spaces they use to bring the reverberation down to a tolerable level.

The solution is to perform a RT60 test on the space, and then design and install a range of acoustic absorbers, which control the reverberation time by preventing sound from reflecting off hard surfaces.

These pictures show the treatment applied to a therapy centre for children with sensory issues, with baffles and panels supplied by our partners at Alphacoustic. Also, I think you’ll agree the colours cheer the place up.