AM Vibro LS.mini anti-vibration load suspension with Vibro-Mini

Vibration ceiling hangers, are used for load suspension such as suspension of floating false ceiling with gypsum board, vibration suspension of machinery (ventilators, air-conditioning units etc.), vibration suspension of pipes, air-ducts etc.

AM Vibro SH.F Vibration Isolation of Low and High Frequencies

A combination of special rubber with metal spring for better vibration isolation of low and high frequency heard by the human ear.

AM Vibro SH Anti-vibration Spring Hangers for False Ceilings

Spring hanger for false-ceiling that offers a very low natural frequency. Can be used in several applications like cinemas, studios & theaters etc.

AM Vibro CH.F Suspended Anti-Vibration Hanger With Regufoam

Anti-vibration hanger with Regufoam®, for anti-vibration suspension of machinery like ventilators, air conditioning, gypsum board etc.

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