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In industrial and mechanical environments, there is regularly a need to support or suspend heavy machinery and piping.

Additionally, in major buildings such as hotels, hospitals and airports, vibration sources such as HVAC, chillers and pumps need to be supported whilst isolated from vibration.

All these machines include rotating parts which cause vibration, resulting in noise disturbance to the surrounding environment or the building itself, or even the equipment itself resulting in lower efficiency and increased costs.

Depending on the excitation frequency expected which is depended on the RPM of the equipment , the following types of vibration isolators can be selected:

  • Anti-vibration Spring mounts and hangers
  • Anti-vibration Rubber mounts and hangers
  • Spring & rubber Anti-vibration systems.

Advanced vibration isolators are necessary in order to stop the transmission of vibration near the source.

The Vibro vibration control product range includes vibration isolators for vibration reduction for HVAC systems, fans, pumps, generator sets, elevators, cutting-machines and other equipment.

AM Vibro.SiL EM.2

The silicone anti-vibration metal – rubber mounts, Vibro.SiL-EM.2 can offer high vibration protection for compressors, pumps, fans, exhaust gas pipes [...]


The silicone anti-vibration metal – rubber mounts, Vibro.SiL-EM.3 can offer high vibration protection for compressors, pumps, fans, exhaust gas pipes / muffler support, sensitive [...]

AM Vibro AMR.wm

Vibro – ΑMR .wm is an anti-vibration spring mount, with multi directional restraint, with relative limit stops and internal stainless steel [...]

AM Vibro AM.wm

Vibro-AM.wm is a free standing single spring anti-vibration mount, with internal knitted stainless steel wire mesh. This metal cushion inside the [...]


Vibration isolation sheets or rolls with a combination of rubber granules or fibers and polyurethane binders. Regupol® is suitable for applications which require attenuation of impact sound and vibration, durability and resistance to mechanical loads.

AM Vibro SMR Anti-vibration Restraint spring mounts

Antivibration spring mounts Vibro-SMR are a multi directional antivibration restraint with adjustable height. Vibro-SMR can be used for low frequency [...]

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