How do room acoustics impact sound quality?
Room acoustics involve how sound interacts with surfaces and objects within a space. The way sound is reflected, absorbed, or diffused can affect speech clarity, musical quality, and overall sound experience. We address these issues by offering soundproofing and sound insulation solutions that enhance acoustic parameters.
How does Acoustic Materials help with vibration control?
We provide a comprehensive range of anti-vibration products that protect against structural damage, equipment lifespan reduction, and unwanted noise generation due to vibrations. Our collaborations with top European manufacturers ensure you get reliable solutions for various applications.
How does soundproofing contribute to better living?
Soundproofing improves living and workspaces by reducing unwanted noise transmission. Our solutions help create peaceful environments and privacy, making homes and offices more comfortable and conducive to focus.
What products do you offer for sound control?
Explore our extensive selection, including acoustic, absorption materials, adhesive solutions, bass traps, fleece, melamine products, prisms, soundproofing solutions, and vibration control items from reputable brands like AM and Vibro. Our Acoustic Materials Soundproofing Board, made from recycled tetra-pak, is highly effective for soundproofing.
How do soundproofing doors and windows work?
Adding soundproof materials to doors and windows creates a barrier against external noise, enhancing serenity inside your space. Our range of soundproofing materials effectively blocks unwanted sounds and echoes, creating a more pleasant living or working environment.
What are vibration control products for buildings?
Our building vibration protection products offer effective solutions for spaces like residential and commercial areas, cinemas, restaurants, and industrial units. With Vibro’s specialised anti-vibration systems, we ensure your environment remains peaceful and isolated from vibrations.
How do you control vibrations in music studios?
Music studio vibration control prevents external vibrations from affecting the recording process. Our advanced Vibro vibration control products isolate vibrations in floors, ceilings, and walls. This separation ensures optimal recording quality by eliminating unwanted noise and distortion.
Why choose ceiling soundproofing?
Our patented ceiling soundproofing system, suspended on anti-vibration hangers, eliminates noise transmission between floors. It’s a solution for quieter spaces and reduced impact noises.
How can I protect privacy with party wall soundproofing?
Our high-performance AM Ecoboard and Eco MLV solutions ensure privacy by blocking sound transfer through existing walls. Our experts provide tailored soundproofing for various wall types.
How can I get in touch with Acoustic Materials?
Contact us at Unit 8 Glenfield, Kilcoole Industrial Estate, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow. Reach us by phone at +353 (01) 201 5746 or email at sales@acousticmaterials.ie. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5:00 pm.