AM Vibro JS Jack-Up Spring Mount For Floating Floors

Jack-up anti-vibration mount for concrete floating floors. Ideal for floating floor in studios and very sensitive mechanical applications.

AM Vibro MSV Anti-vibration Spring Mount with Viscous Damping

Vibro-MSV is an anti-vibration mount with multiple springs. It is specially designed to have low height and is very effective with low frequency vibrations due to the viscous material.

AM Vibro MSR Anti-Vibration Spring Isolator with Lateral Restrain

Anti-vibration spring isolators with lateral restrain, used for low frequency vibration isolation.

AM Vibro CH.F Suspended Anti-Vibration Hanger With Regufoam

Anti-vibration hanger with Regufoam®, for anti-vibration suspension of machinery like ventilators, air conditioning, gypsum board etc.

Vibro 3D.F Multi-directional Anti-vibration Mount

The new Vibro-3D anti-vibration mount can support heavy vibrating equipment in every direction (x,y,z) and can sustain forces of the tension, compression, shear nature.

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