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Vibration control is a critical parameter in construction projects. If not resolved at the early stages of the construction, then it is very difficult to be resolved at later stages.

Building projects that often require anti-vibration systems are:

  • residential and commercial spaces
  • cinemas
  • restaurants
  • industrial units and more

In order to increase the vibration protection and sound insulation capacity, the vibration isolation of every structural element is imperative very critical parameter. This structural separation of a building is achieved by the use of special anti-vibration systems. For this purpose, the last 35 years ALPHA ACOUSTIKI has been designing and producing specialized anti-vibration systems in order to meet the highest acoustic and vibration control requirements, especially for building applications.

The vibration protection product family Vibro, includes anti-vibration systems for the below applications:

  • floating floors
  • floating ceilings
  • floating walls.

Additionally, we design special seismic protection systems that offer protection from large exogenous excitations (earthquakes, hurricanes, wind storms etc), which combined with the use of the appropriate anti-vibration systems provide protection (with minimal displacement), ensuring the integrity of the structure.

AM Vibro JS Jack-Up Spring Mount For Floating Floors

Jack-up anti-vibration mount for concrete floating floors. Ideal for floating floor in studios and very sensitive mechanical applications.

AM Vibro MS Multi Anti-vibration Spring Mounts

An antivibration mount with multiple springs- especially designed to have low height (type L) and is very effective with low frequency vibrations

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