Antivibration supports for gypsumboard partitions.

It can be used in recording or rehearsal studio applications, or wherever a floating wall is required.

Vibro-WS Anti-vibration Supports is a specially designed homogeneous rubber support systems for gypsum board partitions. The semi-cylindrical modulation at their base (for WS.75 & 100) and the transversal holes (for WS.50), provides the necessary space for the rubber expansion to increase the deflection and consequently the vibration insulation. The inclined flaps of Vibro-WS cover the fixing bolts on the base and prevent possible contact with gypsum board.


The application of Vibro-WS in floating gypsum board partitions:

  • Decreases the flanking noise transmissions.
  • Interrupt the heat-bridges and the increase of moisture between humid floors and walls.


Vibro-WS is installed on floor or ceiling metal profiles (U-runner with width 50, 75 or 100mm) in correspondence to the C-studs or it could also be installed unified, specifically under the U-runner. They can be fixed on the profiles with bolts and on floor or ceiling with expansion bolts.
The free spaces must be filled with sound absorption material (e.g. rockwool).
Part or all of base’s lateral flaps, of Vibro-WS, can be cut easily due to its incisions, for applications with smaller thickness (e.g. single gypsumboard) than the flap’s length.

Metal washer must be also used in every fixed point.


2 Pieces per 60 cm (one at the ceiling one at the floor).


80 kg per mounting point.

Vibro WS Characteristics