is a U form sound isolation bracket, used in a variety of wall and ceiling applications, where structural support combined with vibration isolation is required. That includes wall sway bracing, ceiling suspension and accessory hanging.
These hangers are used in timber joist ceilings, wall and ceiling systems restraint, for increased sound insulation in the low and high-frequency range.

  • Mild steel to DIN EN 10111/10051 protected by zinc plate to DIN 50961.
  • A hole 14 mm on the top
  • Α thread M6 hole at the bottom.
  • Auxiliary lateral holes for easy screw fixing.

Vibration isolator: Vibro-mini rubber pad

– The anchor rod of the suspension can be perpendicular.
– The rubber pad can be installed pre-compressed by tightening the nut & washer on top of the bracket.
– The passing through screw prevents the machinery from falling in the event of elastic part fire destruction. (Fail Safe)
– Because of its pioneer design, the Vibro-mini gives a big deflection (that means better anti-vibration results) when loaded.

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VIBRO Ceiling Bracket