The Vibro-SS Simple Spring Isolator is an economic solution used to reduce structurally transmitted vibration from pipes and machinery. It also helps in insulation as a false ceiling hanger. The steel spring is made in accordance to DIN Standard. Vibro-SS also features anti-vibration neoprene grommet at the top and the bottom of the spring acting as a sound break and increases isolation efficiency. Due to its high deflection it can absorb low excitation frequency.

Attention: (a) The anchors must be installed perpendicular.

(b) Do not stretch.

(c) Use safety nuts.

Why use Vibro-SS Simple Spring Isolator?

  • Inexpensive solution
  • Easy installation
  • Adaptable to different applications
  • Low natural frequency
  • High deflection under load


-Anti-vibration suspension of pipes.
-Anti-vibration machine hanger.
-Sound insulation false ceiling hanger.



Deflection: 25 mm (at maximum load)

Natural Frequency (at maximum load): 3 Hz

Vibro SS Simple Vibration Isolators
Vibro SS FCU application