The anti-vibration rubber support Vibro-Midi is an ingenious low-cost solution for vibration problems. Due to its innovative design, Vibro-Midi provides an impressive deflection under load. It can be fit with an anchor on the floor, or it can be suspended from the ceiling through threaded rods or even be placed on a metal base with a passing through screw of M8 – M10 mm.

The above-mentioned screw does not create any sound bridge due to its cylindrical rubber neck.

Pay attention to:

  1. The passing through screw prevents the machinery from falling, in the event of rubber part destruction. (Fail Safe).
  2. Please refer to Indicative applications leaflet in order to use metal washer properly.
  3. Notice to place also a rubber washer from the neck side, in order to avoid the contact with the metal washer.

Please check the Applications PDF for installation examples.


Deflection (to maximum load): 8 mm

Vibro-Midi is appropriate to face vibrations of natural frequency over 8 Hz.

ViBRO Midi Applications
Vibro – Dynamic Characteristics Grey