Vibro-AM.wm is a free standing single spring anti-vibration mount, with internal knitted stainless steel wire mesh. This metal cushion inside the spring increases the damping factor and limits the vibration at the natural frequency. At its base, there is a galvanized metal plate with adequate thickness covered by a special rubber pad, resistant to outdoor conditions (not applicable in high temperature applications). This rubber profile offers better isolation efficiency at high frequencies, that can be transmitted through its metal structure. The oval base has two holes for fixing with M8 pass-through bolts. This way the Wire Mesh Vibration Damper can be fixed onto the mounting surface to maintain stability between the vibration isolator and the mounting surface.

At the upper part there is a M8 bolt for fixing at the machinery and maintaining increased stability between the vibration isolator and the machinery. This enables the Wire Mesh Vibration Damper to offer some protection against wind pressure and earthquakes, although it is open type and not an enclosed spring mount vibration isolator like Vibro- AMR.wm

Vibro-AM.wm is a wire mesh vibration damper utilising the low frequency vibration isolation of the spring mount isolator with the advanced technical capabilities of the wire mesh vibration isolation technology. This makes it applicable for low frequency vibration control (slow speed rotation 400rpm upwards) such as compressors, two cycle engines, coolers, air handling units etc. Also it can be applied as support of sensitive devices. It can be used for vibration isolation of mechanical equipment in military marine and avionics applications. Vibro-AM.wm performs well in tough environments, and it is also resistant in normal liquids and dust .

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Operating Characteristics
Deflection: 25 mm at maximum load
Natural Frequency: 3 to 10 Hz depending on load
Operating temperature: -70 0 C to 200 0 C (upon request)
Theoretical Vibration Attenuation up to 95%

Loading Table
Vibro-AM.wm Characteristics