The new Vibro-3D.wm is a wire mesh vibration dampers that can offer vibration control in every direction. It can be an ideal solution for shock-absorbing and vibration – isolation applications. It’s internal knitted stainless steel wire mesh is formed into a resilient cushion.

It can be used wherever environmental conditions could damage or destroy conventional rubber pads. Vibro-3D.wm is specially designed to sustain impulsive loads in all three axis (x, y, z). It is recommended for applications in extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

It is designed for vibration isolation of mechanical equipment such as, gas turbines, military applications, marine, avionics etc. This product can be used for suspension in exhaust gas pipes in marine applications with minimum danger of destruction. Additionally, it can offer seismic protection to sensitive equipment as Vibro-3D.wm performs well in tough environments. Also note that it is also resistant against oils, greases, normal liquids and dust and lastly, it is a non creeping or hardening element with resistant to age.

Wire mesh vibration dampers is a new technology method in reducing structure-borne noise and offering an alternative in the more traditional rubber and spring mount range of vibration dampers.

There are certain industries that require an advanced rating against fire and earthquakes. Wire mesh vibration dampers increase the compliance that VIBRO product range offers in industries such as marine, defense and air force.

Operating Characteristics
Damping ratio: 15-20 %
Temperature range: -70 °C to +200 °C
Natural frequency: 15-20 Hz

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Vibro-3D.wm Characteristics