The Vibro-Ωmega.F wall supports are used as anti-vibration braces for floating drywall construction systems, when these walls are anti-vibration installed on a floating floor. The use of these anti-vibration supports is recommended for walls with a fairly high height. This application increases the dynamic stiffness of the wall, as well as the seismic protection of the structure.

The use of this bracket prevents the creation of  sound bridge between two walls and by this way the sound insulation of the structural noise is achieved.

Its clever construction with the insertion of an intermediate metal element, allows the restraint of both compression and tensile forces. The intermediate anti-vibration element is made of semi-enclosed polyurethane foam (Regufoam).

In order to meet more construction requirements, it is produced, both with male thread M6 & M 8 mm, as well as female internal thread M6 mm.

At its base is equipped with oval holes to facilitate installation.

The anti-vibration Vibro-Ωmega.F. use is also applied in the support / suspension of piping systems from walls or ceilings avoiding vibration transmission.

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