4 reasons why you want soundproofing?

1. Privacy: Sound Insulation prevents voice leaks. Making it much more difficult for you – or others – to overhear conversations.

2. Quality of life and Comfort: Want to watch a movie or play music? Baby is sleeping or neighbours complaining? Avoid upsetting your family and neighbours by soundproofing problem rooms.

3. Avoid noise disturbance: Everything from exercise machines to toilets flushing, Acoustic Materials have reduced or eliminated those noises.

4. Health and Safety: Noise affects sleep and the mood of family and neighbours.

Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Ceilings

Sound insulation products or soundproofing products will reduce the airborne or impact sound transmission from transferring into another space. These products are then installed in a system to achieve the best sound insulation performance.

AM Soundproofing Board:

Is one of the most powerful soundproofing boards on a market, it is made out of recycled tetra-pak.

AM Soundproofing Board 10mm, PDF (246KB)

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