Anti-Vibration products are being used when dealing with more complex acoustic issues. These products were developed to reduce the transmission of the vibrations to another element. In the building acoustics, these products are applied within system in conduction with another products to achieve higher acoustic performance.

As we have partnered up with the Greek company ”Vibro”, which specialise in manufacturing of the vibration control products, we can now offer more effective solutions to our clients.

anti vibration systems logo
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generator spring mount
floating floor pads and mats under machinery to reduce vibrations
anti vibration ceiling hanger for suspended ceilings
anti vibration floor mount for acoustic floating floor system
wall mount for the stud frame for the partition wall
spring ceiling hanger
anti vibration concrete mount
multi directional anti-vibration hanger for speakers

We are the manufacturers of our own AM Anti-Vibration Pump pad, which is now available to buy in nearly all building merchants  nationwide.

pump mat
Anti vibration pump mats and pump pads

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