A common problem in houses, multi use halls, restaurants, offices and reception areas is reverberation time (room echo / flutter). Acoustic products are products which help to absorb sound and reduce the reverberation time (echo) in the space. 

AM Acoustic Materials can supply and or install Acoustic panels, Acoustic foams, Acoustic fabric panels, Acoustic furniture, Custom build panels and anything you might need when dealing with acoustics. These products will not stop the sound from transmitting into another room, but will reduce the sound pressure level (SPL) in the space, hence that, the space will be quieter.

Ideal reverberation times in seconds
Houses & Apartments                       ≤1.0 s
School classrooms & boardrooms    ≤0.6 s
Restaurant / Cafeteria                       ≤0.8 s
Courts, conference rooms                ≤1.0 s
Multi Use Hall / Community Centre   ≤1.5 s
Construction / Technology                ≤0.8 s
Open plan office                               ≤1.0 s
Auditoriums / circulation space        ≤1.5 s

acoustic picture hanged on the wall
acoustic timber panels in a waiting room or office
Reducing reverberation time in the film studio and improving the acoustic quality in the room
Bar with acoustic ceiling lined with polyurethane acoustic panels

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