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At Acoustic Materials Ltd; We strive to be the industry leader in providing  soundproofing materials in Ireland. We offer affordable solutions to noise control issues which are not only recyclable, but also provide an outstanding performance.

Our soundproofing systems are an excellent fit in Commercial, Residential and Industrial sectors. 
With the exceptional feedback that we have received over the years, we are confident that our products and services will solve your issues.

We distribute our products to hundreds of retail and merchant stores across the country, to facilitate an easy access to our products for anyone, no matter where you are based.

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Room Acoustics

Anti - Vibration


Regional Winners of 2019 IBYE Entrepreneurship Competition. "Best Established Business" in Co. Wicklow.


Majority of our products are fully recyclable and manufactured from environmentally friendly materials.


We strive to use the most advanced soundproofing and acoustic technology on the market.

"[...]Stephen from AM did an amazing job installing proper soundproofing and now I can't hear a thing from next door! I found the service to be effective and efficient. The plastering is great, ready for painting, and the mess was not too bad either. Highly recommend."
Simon Harrison
Home Owner


"AM Acoustic Materials not only provide top quality products and services, they are also a great company to work with. Since my employment here, I have noticed the real drive to be there for the customers and clients; To connect on a personal level with them."
Konrad Olszewski
Soundproofing Doors
Soundproofing Windows

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